Tuesday, January 26, 2016

funny cats playing catch and throw

funny cats playing catch and throw Play is a vital activity, not only for kittens, but for adult cats too. Amazing cat acting like a human, they even uses paper as ball and play catch and throw!

Funny cats playing catching fish

Funny cats playing catching fish, you can see my two cats (catty and miow) on the floor chasing each other and try catching fish in aquarium, it can be easy to confuse the good-natured playing. There are various reasons why my kitties play nice before catch the fish.

Friday, January 1, 2016

funny two cats talking

The two talking cats are the stuff of internet legend. But what exactly are they discussing?

These two cats are really going at it, it almost looks like their real people! We don't really know what their saying but it had all of us, They talk to each other like they're old friends, sharing how their day went, and they just happen to be cats!

Funny cat enjoy watching television

Have you ever wondered why your kitty becomes engrossed in watching television?
Our cat is also fascinated with animal planet shows. That´s not surprising, I guess. But what captivates me is that he actually can actually enjoy watching TV

enjoy cat looking for mouse with fun

If you are looking for a natural mouse deterrent, consider getting a cat. The great thing about having a cat is their very presence will help to keep the mice away, retriever looking at tabby cat, tabby cat looking at mouse. Cat Looking at Mouse through Mousehole Stock

My Funny Cat

A list of Funny Cat Names for Boy cats to use for finding the perfect name for your kitty
funny animal image illustration of instructions on how to hang out with a cat. These cats loving the water reminds me of my sister's cat loved water, wanted a drink from the tub faucet and needed help turning on the water. like you needed a reason to look at adorable, hilarious cats, but it's 100 percent proven fact that they make you happy.