Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Video Cute Brown Cat Sneezing Again

Cute Brown Cat Sneezing Again show about Cute Brown Cat Sneezing Again, A sneezing brown cat is pure saccharine. So what could be wrong with an achoo (or two) when it's so adorably sweet? Plenty. While the occasional cat sneeze probably isn't cause for alarm, a recurring bout could signal more serious problems -- including some that could affect your health, too. Cats also are highly susceptible to rabies, and can pass the disease to humans. A more likely danger, though, is cat-scratch fever -- the result of a cat bite or scratch that breaks the skin. Also known as bartonellosis, this malady is the most common one passed from cats to humans, affecting about 25,000 people in the U.S. annually. And, you may want to think twice about inviting your cat to share your bed -- especially if you aren't sure what's causing him to sneeze. Recently, a 9-year-old boy in Arizona contracted the bubonic plague and died after sleeping with his sick cat. in by Lia Mojamoja